Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of books do you publish?
Our "My State” books support state Departments of Educations’ standards for state-specific studies.  Currently, we have books for the states of Georgia, Indiana, and Virginia with plans to expand into additional states. "My State” books are written at the grade level at which students in that state cover the topic.Our "America, My Country" books cover topics that are required in multiple states' curriculum standards.All of our books are leveled informational texts and meet Common Core requirements for participating states.

What makes your books different from others?

Our focus on state-specific studies is unique in the market. While other publishers may provide state studies books, they may not fully cover the topics required in that state's standards, or be written at grade level.

What do you mean by saying your books are 'at grade level'?

At grade level simply means that our "My State" books are written at the grade level in which the students study the subject matter. Of course, our "America, My Country" books are written for a general grade-level range, since the grade levels at which these topics are studied vary from state to state.

Our leveling is measured by these nationally recognized programs:

  • Lexile
  • ATOS (Accelerated Reader)
  • Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Level (GRL)
Do your books meet Common Core requirements?

Our books are nonfiction leveled informational texts. As such, they can be used to teach not only curriculum content, but reading as well – making them ideal in meeting Common Core ELA requirements in this category of literature.

What if my state does not participate in Common Core?

You’re still good to go! Our books do meet Common Core requirements simply because they are – and have always been – leveled informational text. But if your state does not participate in Common Core, you are not affected in any way. Just use our books like you always have – to teach content and reading simultaneously.

What are your books' features?

Each book features:           Reinforced Side-Sewn Library Binding

Paperback Single Titles or 6-Packs

Lexile, ATOS (AR) and Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Levels

Written at Grade Level

Do you provide library processing?

Yes! We offer full library processing to your school or district's specifications.

What is the purpose of your book-bag character, Bagster?

We like to think of Bagster as a tour guide for students. Not only do students have fun finding Bagster in the photos, but he acts as a learning tool, as well. In many titles, Bagster appears periodically throughout the text asking image interpretation questions. Some titles also feature “Think With Bagster” comprehension questions that can lead to rich teacher-guided discussions about topics presented in the book. "Explore With Bagster" mapping features may also be included. All in all, our feedback indicates that Bagster is a successful learning tool that stimulates student anticipation in turning from one page to the next. And that's what reading and learning are all about!

Are your books helpful for middle school students?

Absolutely! Our feedback indicates that our books can be wonderfully supportive for select student populations, including:

  • Students with learning or physical disabilities
  • English language learners
  • Students who have lagged behind in reading skills and/or desire to read

Our books can help students grasp important content as they overcome these specialized reading challenges.

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